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Helsinki business life

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a vivid hub of national and international business life. The whole capital area has around one million inhabitants, and Helsinki itself is a largest city in Finland. The area can be said to be the engine of the whole national economy. There are several business and commercial centers around Helsinki, located in different parts and suburbs of the city area.

The metropolitan area of Helsinki consists of a four different cities, which are Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. To some extent the area deploys as well Kirkkonummi, Vihti, Nurmijärvi and Sipoo, and many people living in these regions take their daily trip to work in the center of Helsinki. There is a good local transportation network, and the international connections are supported as well with an international airport and several sea ports as well as a railway network extending over the Russian border.

Helsinki has been ranked among the most expensive cities in Europe in many occasions, what is more of a downside of the Helsinki business environment. The business premises and office spaces are pricey and the upkeeping of those isn't cheap either. Even though the economic downturn and financial crisis in European Union has affected to some extent the Finnish economy as well, the prices of the real estates tend to be in ever lasting takeoff around Helsinki area.

Being an international business center the services for companies and entrepreneurs are vast and varied. The subregion has number of different projects and schemes aiming to support the business organizations and the assisting services for companies, such as accounting companies around Helsinki (in Finnish=tilitoimisto Helsinki) area are widely provided.